Director & Writer Evie Golding represents social issues and stigmatised topics through her work. Evie is an advocate for mental health awareness and female empowerment, her emotive art aiming to break boundaries and open up conversation.

Most recently Evie wrote and has now directed her latest drama short film 'To Be A Woman'. Which dives deep into the emotional and psychological impacts of having female reproductive health issues. 'To Be A Woman' is soon to be released. 

Evie's latest directing release 'Moving Clouds' for World Mental Health Day was supported by brands such as Kodak and features the talented The Nasty Poet

Also directing for Samaritans Charity on their campaign 'Here To Listen'  written by Hussain Manawer, the piece marking the UK's difficult 1 year anniversary of being in lockdown. 

As well as Directing for BBC Bitesize and working with BAFTA Evie aims to continue on this path.

Making her debut on national television to an audience of 2.5 million viewers on BBC Breakfast. Evie wrote and performed in the emotive monologue entitled 'We Salute You' dedicated to Captain Sir Tom Moore the Morning of his funeral.

Having garnered over 170,000 on her first drama short film 'Little Man' the East London native shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. 




"She had a gyspy soul and a warrior spirt, she made no apologies for her wild heart. 

She left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary"

- michelle rose gilman