A spoken word music video in collaboration with the Mental Health Campaign #IAMWHOLE.


'Whole' has been made in hope that when hearing and watching this story others will know that they are not alone in their mental struggles and that expressing yourself is the first step to healing your mental wellbeing. 


Evie Golding

Kadell Herida 

Ciara Bryne 

Jonathan Gutierrez 

Anna Giles 


Writer : Evie Golding 

Music produced by : Di-Vincent 

Directors : Tony Lundon @ Spirit Media & Evie Golding 

Producer @ Spirit Media : Gabby Tomlinson  

DOP @ Spirit Media : Tony Lundon 

Stills Photographer : Paula 'narcography' Abu  


Editor @ Spirit Media : Polly Hayes

Colourist @ Spirit Media : Polly Hayes