Milo : Marcus Watson

Raya : Evie Golding 

Dean : Malachi Pullar-Latchman

Michael : Tobi King Bakare 

Shaiden : Joshua Frater-Loughlin


Director : Evie Golding 

Writer : Evie Golding 

Producer: Zoë Grisedale-Sherry 

DOP: Bani Mendy 

1st AD : Zoë Grisedale-Sherry 

2nd AD : Alex Kilgallon

Camera Assistant : Domizia Salusest

Sound Recordist : Ewerton Rodrigo Mendonca 

Make-up Designer : Siena Powloski 

Runner : Ciara Byrne 


An award winning short film exploring the cyclical nature of toxic masculinity on young boys in our society. 

Little Man captures a truthful moment, a part of everyday life, sculpting us with toxic beliefs that are detrimental to our relationships and mental state.

9 year old Milo is taught to question his authentic self, being bullied into believing that who he is is wrong due to his Uncle Deans own conditioning. That to be at man at 9 years old he needs to conform to what society tells us a man “should” be. While Raya, Deans girlfriend, is a hope for Milo confronting the toxicity, she herself is left to questions... "what does it mean to be a man"

Canada shorts MERIT AWARD laurel - gold.


Composer : Di-Vincent 

Editor : Phoebe Snellgrove 

Colourist @ OnSight : Ellory Gaskin-Payne 

Dubbing Mixer @ OnSight : Andy Cole